BPO | Business Process Outsourcing

We have professionals highly qualified to coordinate and execute all the internal management processes of our clients, ensuring the adequate and timely compliance of the standards and regulations in force in Argentina.  

Outsourcing of Accounting and Management 

We offer solutions in different areas: start up of businesses, outsourcing of administrative and accounting functions, reporting to parent companies with application of international standards, financial planning, assistance to external auditors and review of special processes, among others. 

Outsourcing of Payroll Processes 

We have a team of professionals trained to give advice with strict confidentiality on tasks such as staff management, payroll management, payroll taxes management, payroll accounting information, income tax assessment and audits of related processes. 

Tax Outsourcing 

We have a team specialized in taxes that offers solutions in the determination and assessment of taxes, accounting control of tax accounts, analysis of possibilities to obtain non-withholding certificates, efficient monitoring of maturities, registrations of companies and attorneys-in-fact.

BPO Insurance

We have a highly specialized team to provide consulting, advice and insurance contracting. We coordinate the management of new policies, renewals, monitoring and personalized attention in case of claims, whether for large companies, SMEs or individuals.