Building a sustainable business means to see to its economic, social and environmental impacts. This requires designing, making, measuring, reporting and ensuring. With a practical and innovative approach, we work together with our clients on the challenging agenda posed by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 

Our services in Sustainability and Sustainable Finance 

Preparation of Sustainability Reports: Drafting and preparation of reports under GRI, SASB and other internationally recognized standards. 

Verification of Sustainability Reports and other ESG Information: External review under ISAE 3000 guidelines of the entity's sustainability report. 

Advice for the Issuance of Sustainable Bonds (Green and Social): together with other financial and legal advisers, we accompany the entity in the development and issuance of this type of instrument. 

Feasibility Analysis and Identification of Financing Opportunities for the Entity: We identify the key aspects of your current or potential business that could be financed with this type of tools. 

Second Party Opinion in the Issuance of Sustainable Bonds and Verification of their Reports: we are fully qualified to provide assurance to the issuance of Sustainable Bonds throughout the region and assess their alignment with the international principles of ICMA and the Climate Bonds Initiative and local guidelines. 

Development of Sustainable Lines for Banks: we identify eligible sectors, assist in the design and implementation of financial products and design their impact assessment matrix. 

Other Sustainability Services: 

    - Dialogue with Interest Groups: 
     Materiality analysis. Mapping and dialogue with stakeholders 

     - Strategy: 
     Design of Sustainability Strategy aligned to international standards. 
     Operational support for the implementation of sustainability actions 

     - Organizational Environmental Management. 
     Management design. Measurement of Carbon and Water Footprint 

     - Implementation: 
     Sustainable and Inclusive Purchases. 
     Design, implementation and/or evaluation of CSR programs. 
     Actions to promote diversity and inclusion. 

     - Communication of Sustainability