Audit and Consulting

The expeditious and precise information is a key resource. We offer solutions so that our clients may comply with the highest standards. Today, more than never, the quality of the information opens doors and we accompany in this achievement. 

Control of Contractors and Outsourcing Services 

We provide automated solutions that help our clients to control functions and tasks delegated in third parties that might generate contingencies due to non-compliance of policies, labor and social security obligations, contractual clauses and exposure to frauds. 

BRM | Business Risk Management 

We identify, evaluate and manage the entrepreneurial risks. For so doing we design and audit the processes and their controls assisting in the continual improvement and strengthening of the control environment. We disseminate the ethical culture and the good practices of corporate government. 

BRM | Ethic Line 

The Channel of Complaints and Improvements Proposals is a reporting tool that help the employees and other partners of the business to give, anonymously and confidentially clues about frauds, irregularities and behaviors contrary to ethics, as well as to suggest improvements to the internal processes of the companies. 

BRM | Criminal Responsibility Law 

The Anti-corruption Integrity Program is a tool that we adjust to each organization in order to strengthen its control and prevention of risks system and promote transparency to protect and prevent the occurrence of the crimes described in Law No. 27.401. 

BRM | Prevention, Detection and Investigation and Training in the Prevention of Fraud, Disputes and Special Investigations 

We investigate fraud schemes derived from suspicions or complaints received through the complaints line. We also perform detections of failures and weaknesses in the controls inherent to each organization and give workshops on awareness and prevention of fraud and internal crimes. 

BRM | Review and implementation of Systems for Assets Laundering Prevention and Financing of Terrorism (AL/FT, UIF) 

We offer assistance in the development of manuals and trainings in accordance with the regulations in force at the Financial Information Unit (UIF). We provide the Independent External Reviewer service of the system of prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism for financial entities, capital markets and insurance companies. 

BRM | Advise on Information Technology Audit, privacy and data protection (IT Audit/Data Privacy) 

We carry out the survey, diagnosis and mapping of systems risks, technology and information management. Based upon the results, we define the most adequate schemes for the control and protection of data and critical and sensitive information. We also make the validation, penetration and operation of IT controls tests.