SURVEY | Digital Transformation in Companies

Digital Transformation in Companies 

Facing the new business scenarios, companies have to take on the challenge of increasing their productivity within a complex, competitive scope, generated by the elusive access to financing and the market with a restrictive demand, but also with a new kind of complexity: the emergence of digital tools and techniques, which, even tough they are available for all sorts of companies and are easy to implement, are a new element that has to be considered in the short term. 

Therefore, we are sending you the following survey; to know the reality of your companies and to see how you plan to approach digital insertion and transformation processes. The data will be treated as confidential and used to prepare a report to be distributed among the participants, as well as the national and international press. 

From the perspective of the professional practice of SMS TRANSFORMACIÓN DIGITAL, our goal is to join you in this cultural change, that has evolved from being an option to becoming a need. 

Thank you very much. 
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