New Partner in SMS Buenos Aires

Ileana Nicastro was named Partner in SMS Buenos Aires last December, making her appointment effective at the beginning of January 2020.  

We spoke with Ileana who shared a few words about her work in SMS: "For more than twenty years I have belonged to the firm and throughout all these years SMS has given me the opportunity to grow in every way, transiting varied experiences that were always very rich and rewarding both professionally and personally, for which I am very grateful. 

Thanks to all the way I went through and to all the people I worked with, who have transmitted their values ??and experiences to me, I was able to enrich myself, prop up, see the obstacles as opportunities, transform the eyes and thus be able to learn and open roads and bridges both for me and for others. For me it is a pride to belong to SMS because it is a place where minds are open to change, to the search for improvement and professional quality, it is a place where high performance work teams are formed, a place where we can create strong links that form strong partnerships with our customers and our peers, where new doors always open.  

I really feel very happy for the appointment, since it is a recognition of the work done and in turn a great motivation to move forward with new projects and challenges that await us and that we are going to create in this new decade, which is beginning. I reconfirm my commitment to SMS; with the responsibility to continue providing the best of me, in order to continue growing and advancing with strength for the benefit of all. Thank you!!"  

From SMS we wish you the best in this new stage, Congratulations Ile!